Designing for Smaller Kitchens and more Versatile with Monogram

Tired of traditional luxury brands and eager to try something new, Nantucket designer finds options, innovation, and luxurious details with Monogram.

New construction is hard to come by on the charming island of Nantucket, where a commitment to historic preservation is alive and well. So when Melanie Gowen, a Nantucket-based designer and real estate agent, was offered the opportunity to design two new spec homes within walking distance to Main Street, she didn’t hesitate.

“It’s exciting to be on a project from the ground up,” says Melanie, of Melanie Gowen Real Estate + Design.

The owner had purchased the Nantucket property, leveled a run-down ranch and subdivided the lot, allowing for two new homes to be built. Having perused Monogram’s display at San Francisco Design Week, and walking away thoroughly impressed with both its aesthetic and functionality, Melanie pushed for using the appliance line in both homes. Read More