FY2022 Board of Directors Slate

The Nominating Committee of ASID New England is pleased to present the following slate for our FY22 Board of Directors.

Our Nominating Committee is finalizing its work on the vacant President-Elect position. Elections will open in August 2021. Watch your email for additional information. 

Tracy Mowschenson, Allied ASID
Not up for election 

Candidate Vacancy

We have a candidate vacancy for the President-Elect position and will be collecting nominations for a period of 30 days. Candidates must be members with the appellation of ASID or Allied ASID, served on the Chapter Board within the last 10 years, or served as a Committee Chair for 2 years within the last 10 years. Special approval may be provided by ASID for candidates who do not meet these requirements. 

Would you like to nominate yourself or a peer for this position? Please email our office. 

Finance Director
Michael Moriconi, Allied ASID

Communications Director
April Elaine Powell, Allied ASID, LEED AP ID+C

Membership Director 
Bridget Desrochers, Allied ASID
Continuing term – not up for election

Professional Development Director
Jennifer Wilson, Allied ASID

Ally Maloney, Allied ASID
Continuing term – not up for election